Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Nittany Lion Cross

I love cross, it is a premium sport.

For my first race, I had no idea what to expect, but figured I'd be better off going conservatively. I staged somewhere in the middle and was swept along in the mad dash for positions going into the course. The first lap was really crowded as we all got sorted out. I focused on passing people as I could, it was a relatively flat, fast and smooth course with only one set of barriers, and a "run-up" that everyone was riding up without any trouble.

I had no idea where I was in the race, but I was definitely enjoying myself, getting into a rhythm and the 40 minutes flew by. I pushed the last lap a bit more, and sprinted by a few people right at the finish. My friend David was there and saw me shortly after I crossed the line, I was still buzzing from race adrenaline and couldn't help but let out some whoops and yells. I'm normally very reserved, but I was quite pumped up after that race. I also had a bunch of reserve left, I told myself I'd go out harder next time.

I finished 14th, but I know that I was pretty slow with the barriers and left a lot to be desired with my technique. But can't wait until the next race.

Thanks to Brian for the photo.

Watching the B race afterwords was a lesson in smoothness and technique, some of the guys were really fast and great to watch. It was a quite an enjoyable moment, savoring a beer at the velodrome with some friends on a beautiful fall day, watching cyclocross on the one side, a track event at the velodrome, and apparently also a cricket match in the baseball fields.

When's the next cross race?

Ah, life is good...

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